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Our goal is to provide our consumers with the highest quality products. This commitment is rooted in our company’s values and is essential to our continued growth and success To meet our comprehensive "Global Quality Standards" the Company follows a three stage quality control system


The first stage starts at quarry level where every individual block is carefully inspected. A team of highly trained sourcing professionals & Quality assurance personnel ensure careful dressing, sorting and classification of the Blocks at the pitheads before they are dispatched to the processing plants. Only material that pass our stringent quality standards are approved and forwarded to the processing plants


The second stage starts at the Processing Plant where the inspection is conducted upon sawing & the material is closely inspected. The company has adopted a strict inspection system at all stages of manufacturing process to meet the ever changing expectations of buyer’s world over, both in terms of quality of product as well as delivery schedule.


Every slab/ tile is inspected by our Expert Quality Control Officers aided by gloss meters to ensure consistent textures and assured polish levels. Defect-free edge cutting, perfect angles, and closely monitored thickness using verniers provide hassle-free end-use. We consider that the quality of packing is as important as the quality of product itself. All possible care is taken to ensure that the products are packed in Quality sea worthy wooden crates so that they reach their destination safely.

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